Parade Fees

Parade Fees


Helium Balloon Characters

Description: There will be several large character balloons in the parade. Balloons are larger than life, similar to those in the Macy’s Day parade in NYC. Sponsor may select character from an approved list of characters.

Sponsor will receive:
  • Right to have banner carried in front of the balloon with the company’s name and logo.
  • May supply people to handle the balloon along the parade route
  • Your participants may wear clothing to advertise your company
  • Company name mentioned during the live coverage of the event.
Balloon will need approximately 10 to 20 people to handle; you may have others walk with them. If sponsor does not want to or cannot supply enough people, GRMA will seek volunteers to carry the balloon.
Cost:               $2000-$8000 Depending on balloon size and Sponsorship package

Professional Float

Description:     GRMA provides rental floats for all float entries. A float meeting will be held where your company may select which float they would like to use. Entry may have riders on the float representing your company or organization.
*All pageant participants are required to have a float as their method of entry. 
Cost:               For-Profit Entries: $1400
                        GRMA members: $1175
                        Non-Profit Entries: $1175
  **If a non-profit is sponsored by For-Profit company $1400 / $1175 if that company is a GRMA member

Marching Bands 

Description:     Marching Bands at the High School level will not have to pay or be sponsored to be in the Christmas Parade. Other bands such as independents will have to pay $100 to be in the Christmas Parade. 
Cost:              $0

Specialty Vehicle with Advertising

Description:     Cars that have company signage. Note: Because the parade is meant to entertain, cars cannot be entered strictly for advertising purposes (example: box trucks with wrapped company signage, cars with a company magnet on doors). Entries must be decorated with a Christmas theme or have some entertainment value.
Cost:               $850/ $650 GRMA members

Miscellaneous Marching/Walking Unit

Description:     Any marching or walking groups that are entertainment related (baton twirling, dance troops, Shrines, clowns, etc.) Marching units are limited to 4 chaperones.  When submitting your application please let us know what type of uniform or costume you will be wearing, any routines that may be performed and the entertainment value you are providing to the parade.
Cost:               $150, Restrictions do apply, i.e., 75 person limit; 4 chaperone limit
                        $125 Non-Profit
                        +$250 Additional Fee if music accompanies your group

Classic Car Club

Description:     Classic cars that are entertainment worthy.  Classic cars with a business logo on them, wanting to drive through the parade with a participant on the back, is considered an advertising vehicle and not a classic car.
Cost:               $125

Municipal Vehicles

Description:     Fire trucks, Police, EMS, only.
 *Applications not considered for political candidates.