About Shop Local Raleigh

About Shop Local Raleigh


Shop Local Raleigh is all about promoting and supporting locally-owned, independent businesses. It’s about making your hard-earned money go further, fueling the local economy, and helping to preserve the unique character of Raleigh.

Make a difference.
Shop Local.


You might wonder if “buy local” organizations like Shop Local Raleigh can really make a difference. It’s been proven they can! A recent national survey of independent retailers found that a strong local alliance boosted holiday sales in 2007 – reporting an average increase of 2% over the 2006 holiday season, while those in cities without “buy local” campaigns saw an increase of less than 0.5%.

What if Raleigh consumers spent more dollars in favor of locally owned and operated businesses, instead of corporations, big-box, and chain stores? First, significantly more money re-circulates in our local counties when purchases are made at locally owned businesses. Local businesses, the largest employer nationally, provide the most new jobs to residents and produce more income. Supporting local businesses is good for the economy because it cuts down on shipping goods and fuel consumption, as well as preserves our communities and unique neighborhoods.

As local economist Dr. Michael Walden puts it, “buying local can be a ‘win-win’ for the retailer and for the economy at large.”

Member Criteria

Shop Local Raleigh has adapted its membership criteria from the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA). SLR members must meet ALL of these requirements:

  • Private, Employee, Community or Cooperative ownership
  • Owned in majority by area resident(s)
  • Full decision-making function for the business lies with its owner(s)
  • No more than 10 outlets, bases of operation lie within a single state

If you have questions about these criteria or are unsure of your business’s qualifications, contact us.

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