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Savory Spice Shop

8470 Honeycutt Road- Suite 108
Lafayette Village
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 900-8291


Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm
Friday: 10am-7:00pm
Sat: 10am-5pm
Sunday Noon till 4:00pm

Savory Spice Shop

 Savory Spice Shop is a locally owned speciality spice shop of Raleigh residents Bob & Cindy Jones. Savory Spice Shop offiers more than 400 fresh ground herbs and spices, 140 hand-blended seasonings, organic selections and gift sets. At our shop you will have the ability to purchase as little as a half ounce, which allows our customers to try recipes and then buy larger quantities after they experience success and want to make the recipe again, or try something new! The multi-sensory experience of the sho begins before you even enter with a wave of aromas from the hundreds of apothecary jars on shelves lining the walls and the barrels filled with fragrant spices on seasoned wood floors. Coupled with a great selection of spices are abundant ideas from a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Customers are encouraged to sample products and have packaged only the amounts they need, starting at a half ounce. We offer spice related products as well, such as cook books, pepper mills, salt grinders, mortar & pestles, gift sets and more.

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